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Dexter is a huge slab of straight man meat. He is the strong and silent type – until he starts talking about women; this beefy Latin lover has an eye for the exotic and is a self-proclaimed ass man that likes nothing more than to bend over a nice piece of tail and dominate doggy-style.

Dexter was really hot to show off for the camera.. and has so much to show. He has a really fit, muscled body; tanned, with loads of tattoos, but his crowning feature is his really huge, fat, dick – the sort that makes your jaw ache just looking at! He works his monster meat into a thick veiny hard on and strokes it strong and sensually. After some vigorous exercise on his dick, his hips start rocking and his six pack tenses up and catches his thick white load. Every muscle in your body will be tense as you see this beefy straight Latin stud work his fat dick to a gushing climax, so relax here! If he likes it doggy-style all you have to decide is what breed you’d be!!

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This handsome, masculine, English stud has an incredible body, Neil is extremely muscled, with powerful broad shoulders, huge pecs and biceps and a taut, defined, six-pack. Neil is straight but he doesn’t have a problem getting his kit off for you guys. This British boy is drop-dead handsome, square-jawed, with stunning blue eyes. He also has one of the most perfect dicks you’ve ever seen: huge, thick and uncut – and rock-solid in an instant.

Looking damn sexy in his gym kit, Neil lifts his top to reveal his incredibly defined body. Taking his top off, he pours oil all over his body and massages it into his biceps, pecs and abs, before moving down to his crotch, rubbing it gently as his cock begins to thicken in his pants. Down go the shorts and he releases his big fat dick and balls – he plays with his dick and rubs his foreskin over his shiny knob as his dick quickly thickens and lengthens, doubling in size to a stunning 8.5 inches.

This straight British boy removes his shorts and pours some oil on his cock – the camera zooms in for a great close-up of him massaging his cock and pulling his foreskin. He starts to jerk off and you get lots of different angles from all around. Finally, Neil starts jerking harder, his muscles bulging and his body shining with sweat as he beats his meat until he shoots thick, creamy, cum so heavy and strong you can hear it splatter on the ground next to the camera!! If you want straight, British and uncut, you won’t get better than this! Not to mention, handsome, muscled, defined, ripped – oh, I could go on with a whole dictionary over this stunning straight lad!!

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We like to bring you nude sportsmen from around the world and today it’s the turn of the French to bare all. Here’s a new exclusive video of the French rugby team star, Alexis Palisson, parading around in some very tight underpants, and then stripping down to show off his butt. For nude sportsmen from France, Alexis’s hot ass is ‘tres bien’! And ‘ici’! If you listen to the commentary, you’ll hear the cameraman and other techies make admiring remarks about Pallison’s amazing ass – were obviously not the only ones who like nude sportsmen!!