Don't tell the wife this straight guys tricked

Hot, sexy, Joe Parker is back on Straight Guys Tricked – since being baited some time back he’s gone from gay-for-pay to gay, gay, gay!! He’s turned up today with his married buddy CJ, who at 6′2″ and packed with muscles is a real man’s man! They used to double-team girls back in college and still get together for poker regularly. Now it’s time to take that friendship to a whole new level – or end it!! CJ is open-minded and loves having his butt fingered and licked by his wife – but not open-minded enough to tell her about this shoot!.

CJ Knows he’s here to fool around with his mate: maybe a little mutual jacking, perhaps even going as far as a blow-job. But, of course, we want more than that, don’t we guys?! First off the guys strip down to reveal super-hot bodies and Joe Parker’s perfect nine inch long, thick, stonker complements CJ’s smaller but no less perfect dick. Having had many childhood buddy whack-offs, the two slip easily into a mutual wank session. Next they move to the untried territory (well, for CJ that is) of blow-jobs. You can tell that Joe’s been waiting to do this for a long time and CJ seems to be liking what he’s doing. When it was CJ’s turn to go down on Joe he starts out hesitantly, just licking the knob, but eventually works his way down Joe’s rock-hard shaft until he’s sucking like a pro, loving every minute of it with cock-sucking tears running down his face!

It’s extremely horny watching these two good buddies kiss and even hornier when they move to the next part CJ wasn’t expecting – some hot butt play! Getting CJ on all fours, Joe goes to work on his hot muscled butt with both tongue and fingers. Once Joe had got CJ all worked up and hornier than hell, we offered CJ double-bubble to get fucked by his long-time buddy. With the speed that CJ accepted we wondered if we needed to offer more cash!

From the out, you can tell that CJ was hurting from the cherry-busting so Joe suggested he gets on top of him and more in control of the action – and you can see the pain turn to pleasure, CJ screaming ‘harder bro’ as the pounding gets him close to cumming, and he shoots his hot load of creamy sticky goo all over his buddy’s stomach. This pushed all the buttons for Joe; he rips off his condom and, as CJ fondles his balls, he jacks out a gushing load which pools with CJ’s on his abs. So even though CJ was OK with some simple guy-on-guy action, this straight guys tricked into full on hard and horny bum-fucking action, see just how hard at the link! CJ and Joe might be best buddies but CJ said that if Joe lets his wife know what happened, he’ll beat the crap out of him, so if you bump into CJ’s missus – keep on walking!!


Dylan is in the Marines. This straight military hunks just 26; he’s 5′ 9″, has a really cute face and a fit wiry body with some amazing tattoos. Like any 26 year-old, Dylan is always horny and wasn’t going to turn down the offer of a blow-job just because it’s from a man. Besides, he has a 42″ plasma screen showing some hot pussy porn to keep him good and hard.

He just spread his legs and began enjoying some pretty damn good head! He immediately began to react to the hot mouth working on his hard cock; this straight boy was getting too much pleasure from this guy – there’s nothing better than the look on a straight military hunks face as he tries to play off some of the enjoyment he’s receiving at the moment. Really getting off on the guy’s mouth, Dylan shoved him down on his knees and rammed his 7 inch cock down his throat and face fucked him for all he was worth, giving no mercy. Dylan continued drilling his cock down the guy’s throat harder and harder and was getting really close to cumming; when the guy pushed him back onto the couch, raised his legs over his head and buried his face deep in his ass giving his hole a deep wet tongueing, Dylan just couldn’t hold back any more and blew a massive load of cum straight into the guy’s mouth. Enjoy this straight military hunks amazement as he discovers how good it is to feel a guy sucking his big hard cock, face fucking him brutally and getting his asshole eaten out; you’ll blow as much as he did here. The porn ended ages ago, Dylan didn’t seem to notice!

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Both these amateur straight guys have graced our cameras before doing solo shoots, but today we’re upping the ante (and the cash) to get them to go further. This will be the first time either Trey and Kirk have been with another guy, and both are all apprehensive smiles! Trey more so because he’s the one getting a cock in his mouth!

They strip to their boxer shorts. As Kirk sits on the bed, you’ll be mesmerized by the sexy trail of hair from his chest to crotch. Trey plays with Kirk’s cock through the thin fabric, but soon both horny twinks get naked. Trey hesitantly puts Kirk’s cock in his mouth as he lies back with eyes closed and lips pursed. This might be Trey’s first time with another guy’s dick in his mouth but check out his hard cock – he’s enjoying himself! When Kirk stands up, Trey attempts to take as much as he can – and credit, he doesn’t even gag when he gets his throat stuffed with the rock-hard fattie.

Getting back on the bed, Kirk spreads his furry thighs and Trey snuggles in to continue working on his cock. He gives Kirk’s big balls and pulsing shaft a good tongue bath as he jerks on his own cock. After slobbering on Kirk’s cock for an age, he dumps a hot sticky load on Kirk’s chunky hairy thigh. He continues to blow Kirk to the edge then pulls off to let Kirk stroke out a creamy cum dump, making his stomach and chest hair all wet and sticky. Watch these two young horny naked straight men, here. What’s next for these two amateur straight guys; a threesome or some penetration, or both!!