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Who doesn’t like a revenge fuck – especially when it’s between two cute-looking straight lads!

Johnny is really nervous, but a fat wallet can make a straight guy do almost anything! He gets on the bed with and Brandon goes straight down on his big thick dick. With his mouth full of straight New Jersey beef, he must be doing something good, causing Johnny to moan like a wild animal! Johnny has a go on Brandon’s fattie, Brandon pushes his head down, wanting the NJ lad to swallow as much as possible!

‘Ready for this’, says Brandon – Johnny’s too nervous to speak and just nods his head. He straddles over Brandon’s rock-hard pulsing dick and moans as soon as the raw cock touches his straight-boy hole. Pulling his cheeks apart, he gingerly starts to ride Brandon’s dick.

There’s a fabulous close-up of straight boy Johnny’s pale cheeks getting pierced by Brandon’s bare cock – you have to go a long way to see a better sight! Johnny gets on his side and Brandon takes control of the fucking with slow, powerful, balls-deep, strokes – Johnny writhing with pain and ecstasy!

Finally, Johnny gets on his back so his straight buddy can bareback him all the way home. The fucking gets faster and Johnny starts to jerk his own dick. All those jabs to his special spot proves too much for the straight lad and Johnny’s load explodes all over his stomach and chest. Brandon takes a few more stabs at the straight man-hole, pulls out and shoots his cum all over Johnny’s stomach before sticking his still hard cock back into the quivering straight boy’s still wet hole! Fucking awesome and right here at the link. Johnny say he not sure about all this butt-fucking – that’s OK, we are!

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We know you like to see amateur straight guys tricked, and Nicco, who’s bi, is going to bait straight Caleb into going gay in a game of Naked Twister!

These two hot dudes started by undressing each other – wow, check out the bodies! Both these guys are stunners: wide shoulders, big pecs, fabulously defined six-packs and fat, juicy, uncut cocks!

Caleb might have been nervous at first but his cock wasn’t, it got hard straight away. After some hot kissing and a blow-job from Nicco, Caleb returned the favour by giving Nicco a hand job – it was the first time this amateur straight guys ever touched another cock. Playing with his nipples, Nicco got Caleb even hotter – and harder.

On the next spin, Caleb had to lick Nicco’s big balls and jerk himself at the same time. Caleb was really beginning to loosen up, relax and enjoy himself – he gave his first ever blow job. It might be the first time he’s ever had a cock in his mouth but he instinctively knew exactly what to do, making Nicco squirm and moan with pleasure!

Caleb was the first to cum with a big load gusher, sticky cream flying everywhere; then he got down and licked Niccos balls until Nicco blew his load, managing to get some salty jizm right into the amateur straight guys mouth, you’ll just love it! Now, doesn’t that make you want to get that old Twister game out of the back of the cupboard and invite some amateur straight guys around!

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Dexter is a huge slab of straight man meat. He is the strong and silent type – until he starts talking about women; this beefy Latin lover has an eye for the exotic and is a self-proclaimed ass man that likes nothing more than to bend over a nice piece of tail and dominate doggy-style.

Dexter was really hot to show off for the camera.. and has so much to show. He has a really fit, muscled body; tanned, with loads of tattoos, but his crowning feature is his really huge, fat, dick – the sort that makes your jaw ache just looking at! He works his monster meat into a thick veiny hard on and strokes it strong and sensually. After some vigorous exercise on his dick, his hips start rocking and his six pack tenses up and catches his thick white load. Every muscle in your body will be tense as you see this beefy straight Latin stud work his fat dick to a gushing climax, so relax here! If he likes it doggy-style all you have to decide is what breed you’d be!!

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